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Transforming Organizations and People Through Capacity and Capability Building

SSA Consulting Group is an integrated consulting firm that offers consultancy services in Human Capital Development, Productivity and Quality Management, Financial Management, Organisational Development, and Leadership, as well as Entrepreneurship Development.

Human Capital Development

We inspire, transform, and empower your individual employees. We offer consultancy in Human Capital Development that would help you develop your employees' full potential by leveraging their skills in order to achieve groundbreaking organisational performance.

Our consultants can assist you with the following:

  • Comprehensive Human Resource Management

  • Job Eveluation and Salary Structure

  • Performance Management and HR Scorecard

  • Learning and Development

Productivity and Quality Management

We can help you develop tailored solutions catering to your organisational needs from streamlining your business processes, improving your inventory management, and productivity consultancy to ensure that your business is more robust and viable.

SSA offers the following consultancy services in the area of:

  • Service Excellence Framework

  • Productivity Management

  • Total Quality Management

  • Supply Chain Management

Organizational Development and Leadership

In view of your vision, mission, strategic goals, and corporate values, our consultants can propose a project to equip your organisation and your managers with all the tools of leadership you need to solve problems within your organisation — concurrently setting the capability to successfully compete in your external business environment. Our experienced consultants can help you determine your current organisational performance that are constrained by the skill-set and attributes by the leaders.

Our Organisational Development and Leadership consultancy services include:

  • Organisational Performance Management

  • Organisational Development Framework

  • Leadership Development Framework

  • Change Management

We can also tailor frameworks for your organisational development and leadership skills according to the needs of your business.

Financial Management

SSA is honed by several years of experience in financial management. Our consultants can work closely with you to evaluate and boost your financial capacity while we are also making your capital work optimally for you.

Our consultancy projects in Financial Management includes:

  • Cash Flow and Working Capital Management

  • Financial Controls

  • Financial Assessment and Planning for Growth

  • Planning and Budgeting

We can also customise and develop financial management solutions according to your organisational needs.

Strategic Management

Our consultants will ensure that your organizational blueprint is dynamic, progressive, and adaptive to disruptive business environments. Our strategy will revolve on the platform that will propel your business to new heights, securing your status as a cutting-edge enterprise.

Our approach encompasses the whole gamut of strategic management process from formulation, implementation, and measuring results. We employ tools and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that allow organizations to analyze data for decision making.

Entrepreneurship Development

Whether you are just a start up or already in the business or perhaps an entrepreneur who has Innovative ideas, but needs someone to help put all these ideas into reality, our consultants can guide you and provide you with access to various resources that you need, not only to survive but to stand out in this highly competitive business environment.

We can also customise and develop entrepreneurship framework and plans tailor-made solutions to best meet your needs.


SSA Consulting Group Services International provides customised programmes and solutions to address your specific needs. Send us your inquiries and we'll get back to you shortly.

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